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Patent Services

Novogress is a complete intellectual property services company providing quality patent services. We have a team of registered patent agents and patent attorneys with highly specialized technical backgrounds and experience. Our team’s combination of technical and legal expertise has facilitated us in serving and satisfying our clients in protecting their IP at various stages, right from conceptualization of an idea to its development, protection and its commercialization.

Domain Expertise:

  • Electronics  and communications
    ○  Semiconductors
    ○  Software

  • Engineering
    ○  Electrical engineering
    ○  Mechanical engineering
    ○  Civil engineering
    ○  Aeronautical engineering

  • Biotechnology
    ○  Human and Molecular Genetics
    ○  Cell Biology
    ○  Molecular Biology
    ○  Nanotechnology
    ○  Agriculture

  • Chemistry
    ○  Petroleum
    ○  Polymers

  • Medical devices

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Others
    ○  Food technology

Our Patent Services:

  • Patent specification drafting

  • Patent application filings and prosecution

  • Patent proof reading

  • Drafting agreements-licensing/assignment deeds

  • Patent search and analysis

  • Patent portfolio management

  • Patent Illustrations

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